Funeral Planning

“I am the Resurrection and the life, whoever believes in me will have eternal life.” (John 11:24)

St. Andrew is here for you and your family. When a Catholic dies, the Church celebrates a particular set of liturgical rites to help us through the immediate days of our grieving, to express our belief in enteral life, and to help us pray for the one who has died. These rites are organized into what is called the Order of Christian Funerals, which contains all the liturgical prayers, scripture reads, and blessing for use immediately following the death of a member of the church.

Planning the Funeral

The funeral is the central service within the Order of Christian Funerals and should be a source of great comfort to all who gather for it. Planning it alongside Fr. Juan can help you better express your love for the one who has died, your own profound sorrow, and your faith in our kind and merciful God who promises us eternal life.

To begin arrangements for a Funeral Mass or Memorial Mass for a loved one, please contact:

Marcela Crowe
770-641-9720, ext. 240

For more information on Catholic Funerals, go to “We Believe in the Resurrection of the Dead: A Guide to Catholic Funerals

Memorial Gift Ideas

  • Consider the Parish Endowment Fund as a place to have memorial gifts sent in lieu of flowers. 
  • Participate in our Brick Program in memory of a loved one.