Disaster Relief

Natural disasters are a tragic reminder of the suffering that can be caused by nature and as people of faith, naturally we want to offer assistance.
As a reminder--when a natural disaster occurs in the United States, electronic donations may be made to Catholic Charities USA:
Catholic Charities USA
Online: www.catholiccharitiesusa.org
Mail: Catholic Charities USA P.O. Box 17066 Baltimore MD 21297-1066
Phone: 800-919-9338
When a disaster happens in another country, collections and individual donations should be directed to Catholic Relief Services (CRS):
Catholic Relief Services
Online: www.crs.org
Mail: Catholic Relief Services P.O. Box 17090 Baltimore, MD 21297-0303
(Please write the specific incident in the memo line)
Phone: l-877-Help-CRS
In many cases, domestic and international aid are both desperately needed. May God bless all those affected by catastrophic events.