Finance Council

The Finance Council serves in an advisory role of the financial workings of the parish to the Pastor. Led by a parishioner, in support of the Pastor and supported by parish staff, this ministry is responsible for reviewing and approving the monthly and annual financial reports of the parish.  Once the year end financial reports have been analyzed and signed off on, they are submitted to the Archdiocese of Atlanta for approval and publishing on the Archdiocese web site.  Additionally, the Finance Council is responsible for publishing the annual financial results within the parish itself.  Often times, this will include a special page in the church bulletin, and an annual town hall meeting to update attendees in more detail.  

The Finance Council is made up of members with backgrounds in finance and accounting, engineering, sales and operations support as well as many other disciplines.  Given that parish operations contain a business component in support of the primary liturgical aspect, it makes sense to include a variety of experiences in the make up of the Finance Council.  

The group meets monthly throughout the year.

Contact:  James Hill, jamesalberthill@gmail.com