RCIA Inquirers

Welcome to the RCIA Inquirers' Page

Check here periodically for information about our sessions, events, news and things of interest to you.

Our sessions meet Sundays @ 9:00 AM starting September 15, 2019i n Room 207 of the church Classroom Building. Come early for coffee and fellowship.

Be sure to call or Linda at 678-613-1327 to register.


Resources for RCIA Sessions

God's Call/Our Response
Prayer and Spirituality 
Scripture, Tradition, Magisterium.  Bible and Catechism
Old Testament: USCCB
New Testament: USCCB
The Mass: Explanation of the Mass (a full Mass)
The Creed and 4 Marks of the Church
Liturgical Year and Saints
Advent Explanation.  Jesus:  God and Man
Mary Mother of God
Lord's Prayer - The Church's Mission Statement
Sacraments Overview
Initiation Baptism
Initiation Confirmation & First Eucharist
Introduction to Vocations.  Marriage & Annulments
Sacrament of Holy Orders
Sacraments of Reconciliation and Annointinng of the Sick
Mystery of Redemptive Suffering and Death
Catholic Morality - God's Law:  Guide to Truth and Freedom
Lent Explaination. Overview of Rites and Scrutinies
The Eucharist as Christ Revealed
First Scrutiny - Woman at the Well
Second Scrutiny - Man Born Blind
Third Scrutiny - Raising of Lazarus
Divine Mercy Sunday - Believe in Me (reflection)
Recognize Me (reflection)
Follow Me (reflection)
Love One Another(reflection)
I Will Send My Spirit (reflection)
That All May Be One (reflection)
Final Session  - Peace Be with You (reflection)