Divorced and Beyond

Divorced & Beyond is an 8-week program aimed to provide support within a caring faith community. It addresses a multitude of emotional demands which occur whenever a divorce happens within the family. Recognizing that the decision to divorce does not come easily in the lives of most couples and usually brings about great pain accompanied by the grief associated with the loss of a dream along with a multitude of strong emotional feelings, this program guides the participants to find positive and healthy ways to deal with the many emotions they are experiencing during this time of transition and beyond.

The program is open to 8 participants only. Please call to register in advance for the program.

Meeting dates: TBD (please contact facilitator to ask for dates)
Time: 7-8 PM
Location: TBD
Cost: $12 to cover materials

We will be using a book titled “Divorce & Beyond” by Greteman & Haverkamp as a guide for discussion during the 8-week program. 

This is a popular program highly recommended by the North American Catholic Separated & Divorced Organization.

Divorced & Beyond offers:

  • A  secure  environment  for  conversation and church centered companionship with others who are experiencing similar changes
  • A place for sharing compassion & understanding of feelings associated with separation and divorce.
  • A closed group which offers stability and an atmosphere that fosters ease and trust.
  • Each weekly session examines the varying emotional stages that adults experience during their “divorcing process.”

      ****All sessions are held in strict confidence.***

To learn more or to sign up for this program, please contact Sharon Burke by phone at 678-653-5750 or by email at [email protected]